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This post is more of a “catch-up” note, in which I am happy to announce that I have graduated with a degree in BA (Hons) Architecture RIBA Part 1! *Woohoo*

My family and I attended my graduation ceremony on the 16th July, in Leicester, England. It was a proud moment and an excellent day filled with lots of photo-taking, smiles, excited chatter, cheering and waving.

Just a week later, I flew to Dubai, and is where I am currently writing this post from. I have relocated to Dubai with aspirations of a bright sunny future ahead. I have begun the arduous task of Job Hunting for a creative Architecture position, and lined up numerous interviews. On the other hand, I yet have a long “Things To Do In Dubai” List, which needs completing alongside the job hunt, and it involves a lot of food and beaches.

I hope to be posting photographs of what Dubai Architecture I have come across soon, as there is plenty to see – That of course is an understatement!  And like every time I come to Dubai, at every strain of the neck I am able to see new unique towers, villas with detailed engravings and beautiful balconies, which are never the same as the next. Perhaps that is what I love most about Dubai….the creativity, the individuality, the spirit.