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I have just uploaded photographs of some of my work throughout the last year at university on my facebook page, to offer a sneak peak at what I have been up to! 

Click on the link below to have a look:

I have not yet uploaded photographs of the final drawings that were submitted, but they will be coming very soon…so watch this space! 

Feel free to leave your comments. Thank you for looking! 


It has been more than a week since third year of BA Architecture Part 1 started….and of course, students have been pushed in  dived head first into the pool of site analysis, concepts, models and so forth. Third year has begun with a Bookshop project, situated in the heart of Lincoln…and work began with a site visit to Lincoln itself earlier last week.

The first words to describe Lincoln as a city would be that it is a city where time has stood still. Narrow streets, cobbled roads, stone walls and plenty of warm Tea Rooms. Secondly, I would advise those that are not very fit and healthy to AVOID Lincoln. I say this because of a steep hill, aptly named Steep Hill due to what feels like a 45 degree angle gradient. Thank Goodness for the Hand Rail, and for the various shops that serve as a resting stop on the way up!

I have posted photos of this historic English city on my facebook page (link attached below):

So here’s to the final year of RIBA Architecture Part 1…*clink*… May it bring heaps of creativity, affordable materials, least amount of scalpel cuts/glue gun burns, interesting lectures, productive studio hours, success and a degree by the end of it!

May the architecture-ing begin!