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This post is more of a “catch-up” note, in which I am happy to announce that I have graduated with a degree in BA (Hons) Architecture RIBA Part 1! *Woohoo*

My family and I attended my graduation ceremony on the 16th July, in Leicester, England. It was a proud moment and an excellent day filled with lots of photo-taking, smiles, excited chatter, cheering and waving.

Just a week later, I flew to Dubai, and is where I am currently writing this post from. I have relocated to Dubai with aspirations of a bright sunny future ahead. I have begun the arduous task of Job Hunting for a creative Architecture position, and lined up numerous interviews. On the other hand, I yet have a long “Things To Do In Dubai” List, which needs completing alongside the job hunt, and it involves a lot of food and beaches.

I hope to be posting photographs of what Dubai Architecture I have come across soon, as there is plenty to see – That of course is an understatement!  And like every time I come to Dubai, at every strain of the neck I am able to see new unique towers, villas with detailed engravings and beautiful balconies, which are never the same as the next. Perhaps that is what I love most about Dubai….the creativity, the individuality, the spirit.




I can’t say that lately I am Zaha Hadid’s biggest fan. Her futuristic designs seem to be very much about Form over Function. However, I simply had to share the video above of her latest venture.

Her latest dive into the realm of Fashion is designing a pair of daring, cantilevered metallic heels, being sold for $2000 USD. The design once again does not concentrate solely on function, because I do not see these heels being worn by the average woman of today, who is constantly on her feet and running around to keep her life together. In terms of style, it is of course the trademark form of Zaha Hadid, and perhaps due to the aesthetics it is very suitable for the fashion catwalk world.

However, the most important message to take from this collaboration, whether you love or loathe this shoe, is that Architecture is so adaptable. Architecture does not necessarily have to manifest in buildings but also in many other creative respects such as Fashion. Therefore, for those people thinking that Architects only design buildings, Zaha Hadid has once again proved them wrong, by showing that Architecture is creativity and creativity can take whatever form and in whichever field that you desire.

So, even though I may not necessarily like Zaha Hadid’s designs because I do not think they function very well, if at all, I do agree with the message she is putting across that Architecture is versatile and adaptive to any sort of creative field.

On a more curious note…Would YOU walk around wearing a pair of nOVa shoes?

Here are a couple of videos I came across, showing the development of the new One World Trade Centre.

The one below is a beautifully created time lapse film of the building, designed by the highly talented design company: Piranha NYC.

I love how images are seen as reflections from neighbouring buildings and car windows, a unique idea that I have not come across before. The quality of the renderings are also very realistic and of a high standard.


The following video shows the World Trade Centre Spire, rising to the top. It seems as if the entire Spire is being pulled up by one man using a tight rope!


I look forward to seeing the new addition to the NYC skyline to be completed.

As for more videos from Piranha NYC, why not check them out on the link below:

Below is the video for BIG’s West 57th Apartment Building, situated in Manhattan.

The facade is very interesting, and has added a new dimension and elasticity to the conventional low rise or high rise building.