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Burj Khalifa lit in the dark

Burj Khalifa lit in the dark

I have added my dissertation onto the page titled “Composing Essays on Architecture”. Feel free to have a read through, and comment below with your feedback!

You can also click on the direct link below to have a read:

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I thought I would write a quick post regarding my dissertation. Since, I am in the final year of BA Architecture Part 1, writing a 8,000-10,000 words architectural discourse is a compulsory part of the History and Theory module. Thankfully, I enjoy writing very much, as can be seen from this blog itself! Therefore, writing a dissertation is not too much of a task. The hard part of course is how to correctly articulate your thoughts on a certain subject, that you first need to decide on!

The journey of my dissertation began last summer, just as I was on the brink of starting third year. I was quite certain that the broader topic that I wanted to focus on was sky scrapers, since I seem to be rather obsessed with them! And so began the trips to and fro the library with books that mounted up to weigh more than myself. At that point, it was more about gaining background knowledge, rather than deciding what my dissertation will be.

As the academic year began, I received much needed aid and direction from the tutors which resulted in a rough outline of my dissertation. I initially wanted to explore the idea of the Skyscraper Index, a theory which states that the height of the world’s tallest building relates to the economic downturn, in that the higher the tower, the greater the recession. An intriguing concept, however one that my tutors felt was perhaps too journalistic, and too broad for it to be explored in the limited word allocation for the dissertation. Perhaps I will indulge in this topic at a later date, when I am not constrained by word limits!

After much research and flicking through plenty of heavy books, I settled on writing about iconic architecture, in relation to Burj Khalifa (Currently the world’s tallest tower) in specific. At this point, I must offer a little but significant piece of advice about how important it is to be decisive in terms of choosing a topic to discuss. The longer amount of time you spend fretting about what topic to write about, the more precious time you are loosing on researching your topic and gaining a better understanding of it.

So finally, I had a topic for my dissertation, and I was ready to start. I had my notes from books and research material, waiting to be included in the dissertation. Yet, I found myself staring at the computer screen! The hardest part of the dissertation is indeed how to start it! After what seemed like an age of staring into blank space and munching on sugary food, hoping for a brain rush, my brain decided to switch itself on, and I delved deep into writing out my dissertation…and once I started, there was no stopping me.

After about four months, I am currently at an approximate of 7,000 words, and so far, so good! As strange as this may sound, I find myself almost looking forward to writing out my dissertation. This is because I feel I have more control over it, where as in my design modules, it is more about experimentation and thinking up of concepts that have are neither right nor wrong. When writing a dissertation, I am simply stating what other authors have to say about a certain topic and then comparing each of those views to determine shared and opposing opinions. Of course, I enjoy the creative side of the design module; it is what I do and what I am. However, I feel writing a dissertation is a good change of work flow and one that is more straight forward in many ways.

…And so, the quest for writing the perfect dissertation goes on. I long for the day I will bind my thick architectural discourse, and be proud of my first professional piece of writing. However, it will be with some sadness that I will type the last few words that will put an end to a task that has given me more joy than it probably should!

I will of course be uploading my dissertation once it has been graded, to ensure no complications in plagiarism, copy rights or any other such issues. Until then, watch this space!