About Me…

Personal Profile:

  • Enthusiastic and flexible Architect undergraduate with vast amount of work experience in team work and people skills.
  • Aim to join a professional and reputable organisation where I would get the opportunity to enhance my skills and creativity.
  • Proficient in skills ranging from communication, organisation and IT, with the motivation and drive to work to the highest standard.

Skills and Qualities:

  • Interpersonal skills Developed through interaction with colleagues, team work on college group projects and extensive community service.
  • Time management skills To ensure flexible balance of coursework deadlines being met and volunteer work being carried out, via careful organisation and planning.
  • Team work Developed through community service and group projects, with a varied age group, which also involved multitasking.
  • Leadership Developed upon organizing charity events and the college year book, which involved decision making. Also was appointed as the editor of the school newspaper.
  • Initiative Shown through setting up of work experience at Architecture firms and volunteering for various services, on my own.
  • IT skills Developed throughout college years when working on group presentations and carrying out online research. Work shadowing introduced me to AutoCAD in order to design projects.



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